Samurai 7oz 'King of Lions' Loopwheel Tee
October 06, 2019

Samurai 7oz 'King of Lions' Loopwheel Tee

Western art meets Japanese culture!

Featuring a print inspired by Andy Warhol’s 'Pop Art’ creations, this one brings Japanese cultural stories to a new light!

The beheaded character represents Japanese cultural performers who perform for up to 25 days in an attempt to channel the power of the King of Lions God. 

Using a specially produced cotton fibre called ‘Ripen’, these tees have a mild slubby look with a smooth feel. These extra long fibres are super strong and have an oil rich, soft texture thanks to being partly grown outdoors and indoors for the ultimate yield!

With time, the multi colour printed design will age to a lighter shade with some vintage cracked detailing. The fabric itself will become more and more soft and gain a soul of its own!

For fans of cultural inspired fashion, this is an amazing choice!

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