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New Arrivals

Pure Blue Japan Indigo Tee
Samurai 10.5oz Western ‘Blade-Star' Denim Shirt
Samurai “Spirit Of Samurai” Indigo Loopwheeled Tee
Samurai Western Selvage Bandana
Samurai S711VX Denims (Slim Straight Fit)
First Arrow's 'Flat Rounded' Silver Beads (O-215)
First Arrow's 'Flat Ridged' Silver Beads (O-199)
First Arrow's 'Ball' Silver Beads (O-102)
First Arrow's 'Ridged Ball' Silver Beads (O-103)
Freewheelers Charcoal Moleskin CPO Jacketed Shirt
Full Count 25th Anniversary Type 1 Denim Jacket
Full Count 10oz Denim Baseball Cap
The Flat Head "Houndstooth" Heavy Flannel Work Shirt (Wine)
Freewheelers "Mcbain" Chinos
First Arrow's Small Silver "Flower" Earring (O-056)
Iron Heart 6.5oz Super Slow Loopwheeled Tee (Dark Navy)
Iron Heart 6.5oz Super Slow Loopwheeled Tee (Heather Grey)
Iron Heart 6.5oz Super Slow Loopwheeled Tee (Off White)
Troy O'Shea NO.9 Vintage Wool Ball Cap (Special edition)
The Full Count Field jacket
First Arrow's Large Eagle Claw Feather Pendant with 18K Gold Sunburst (Special Edition)
Warehouse Lot. 900 Slim Tapered Fit
Nano Colloid Premium Denim Wash by Warehouse
Freewheelers "The Lost Generation”  Tee (Deadstock)
Stevenson Overall “Old Glory” 11oz Selvage Indigo Chinos (Straight Tapered fit)
Warehouse "Flyers" Low Cut Sneaker(Black)
Warehouse "Flyers" Low Cut Sneaker(Off White)
Warehouse "Flyers" Low Cut Sneaker(Mustard)
Sold Out UES “Lifetime" Copper Key Ring
The Flat Head Horsehide Rider Jacket