Samurai 18oz S140SXJ-GRK "Goryokaku" Denim (Slim Tapered fit)
August 22, 2022

Samurai 18oz S140SXJ-GRK "Goryokaku" Denim (Slim Tapered fit)

Inspired by the legendary battles of feudal Japan!

Samurai have been inspired by another legendary episode in Japanese history to bring us a truly unique denim that is loaded with details! This pair takes its name from the 'Shinsengumi,' an elite military police force that defended Kyoto and fought warring factions in feudal Japan. The battle of Goryokaku marked the end of the bloody war and ushered in the imperial Meiji era.

Constructed with Samurai's 18oz 'Makoto' denim, this fabric has an ultra slubby and neppy texture! The irregular texture is created through a slow weaving process on vintage shuttle looms. The outer warp yarns have been grand-indigo dyed, while the undyed white weft yarns can be seen poking through the surface to create a truly unique look and feel! With time this is sure to age to an amazing look, with plenty of vertical rain-drop fading!

Construction-wise, it is inspired by vintage Lee 101 Jeans and mixed with plenty of amazing details. For the fly, Samurai have chosen a variety of different buttons to represent the battle of Goryokaku. The top gold-plated button represents the rising sun and the dawning of the new imperial era, the middle three 'Sakura' silver buttons represent the cherry blossom trees that the Goryokaku region is known for, while the natural iron 'Taiko' button represents Toshizo Hizakata, deputy leader of the Shinsengumi who is said to be buried under a Sakura tree at the site of the battle.

Lastly, the striking three-coloured selvedge I.D, which has also been used on the coin pocket and fly construction, has been chosen to represent the colours of the Shinsengumi uniform!

If you are looking for a pair of ultra-slubby denim with plenty of details inspired by Japanese history, this could be a perfect choice!

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