Samurai S0511XX Denims (Slim Tapered fit)
May 21, 2017

Samurai S0511XX Denims (Slim Tapered fit)

We are honoured to introduce you a new member - Samurai Jeans to our family! And here is our very first item from them! Introducing Samurai Jeans S0511XX, one of the most classic model!

S0511XX goes with a 15oz "Otokogi" (means chivalrous spirit in Japanese) silver selvedge denim, which is made of 100% American Texas cotton. The silver selvedge is specially made by Samurai Jeans, using true sterling silver on the thread for a true luxury standard! The silver thread on white selvedge symbolised the sharpness of samurai swords! The denim goes with a mildly slubby texture which will gradually aged with some uneven "snow flake" fade!

Not just the selvedge, all the buttons has been silver coated as well. Samurai puts extremely cool details on this pair of jeans. You will see a "Rising Sun" - a symbol of Japan on the buttons. The back rivets have customised into a ancient Japanese coin design with " Shogyo Mujyo" (A Buddism term means Nothing Stays The Same Forever). Such a well put on a pair of raw denim isn't it? You will also see this term hidden on the jacquard pocket lining like a code. Through wearing the jeans, some indigo dye will bleach on the pocket, the "code" will become more and more appear. There are so many "codes" like this in Samurai denim. The goatskin leather patch present the "Musashi and Kojiro duel fight ”, a very important moment in Japan history (ō#Duel_with_Miyamoto_Musashi). The waning crescent (quarter moon) on the leather patch indicates this jeans is a slim tapered fit! Even the back pocket arc stitching has been put into a "seagull" shape also represent the spirit of Japan island. There are countless cool details that we probably can't write all of them down. I guess last thing I should say is "Cut The Bullshit, Be Samurai!"

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