Samurai 7oz "Ranji" Loopwheeled Tee (Orange Red)
September 19, 2023

Samurai 7oz "Ranji" Loopwheeled Tee (Orange Red)

Yet again, Samurai is back with some of the industry's best graphic 'ART' tees for you to enjoy!

Inspired by late 19th-century Japanese tea boxes' advertising graphic designs, Samurai does its way even better! This typical style of graphic design is called "Ranji" in Japan, it is believed as the origin of modern Japanese graphic design, combined with the Japanese traditional Ukiyoe-style and Western painting style, "Ranji" owns its unique soul!

For this version, Samurai have introduced a terry-like internal texture for improved comfort and breathability. Using a specially produced cotton fibre called ‘Ripen cotton', these tees have a mild slub texture with a smooth touch. The extra-long cotton fibres are super strong and have an oil-rich, soft texture thanks to being partly grown outdoors and indoors for the ultimate yield!

For better fitting-wise, Samurai has cut the side seam, tapering down the shape a little bit and then used flat-seam construction for the side seams again for extra strength!

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