Momotaro 12oz Indigo Dyed HBT Early Workshirt
May 13, 2024

Momotaro 12oz Indigo Dyed HBT Early Workshirt

The beauty of indigo HBT!

Momotaro has taken inspiration from early 20th-century workshirt styles and combined it with their premium Japanese Herringbone twill fabric to create this amazing workshirt style we know you'll love!

This shirt is constructed with 100% cotton 12oz herringbone twill, slowly woven on vintage machines to produce a soft yet subtly irregular texture! Thanks to the grand indigo yarn dyeing process, this will age to a beautiful high-contrast look with time!

Momotaro has adapted early 20th-century workshirt styles, updating the classic pattern for a slimmer, more modern silhouette! With an asymmetrical chest pocket design, side seam gusseted construction and iron buttons this shirt has plenty of vintage-inspired charm!
If you are looking for an indigo-dyed HBT early workshirt, Momo has got you covered!