Studio D'Artisan 12oz "Tsugihagi" Indigo Dyed Sashiko Work Shirt
May 18, 2024

Studio D'Artisan 12oz "Tsugihagi" Indigo Dyed Sashiko Work Shirt

Inspired by the vintage Japanese heritage 'tsugihagi' or 'patchwork style' of repairing and re-stitching garments, this piece is deeply rooted in both Japanese workwear and history.

This 12oz fabric is slowly woven from the vintage jacquard knitting machine, it comes with some beautiful uneven textures that are inspired by the traditional Japanese patchwork kimono repair technique, and all the cotton threads are yarn-dyed with different tones of indigo. With many wears and washes, you can expect it to age to a higher contrasted look with a more pronounced texture!

Speaking of details, this shirt features a beautiful decorative sashiko stitch design, with contrasting patterns on different fabric sections. The dark mahogany-coloured Tagua nut buttons add some tasteful contrast to the indigo fabric. The gusseted side-seam construction gives this shirt extra durability while the workwear-style chest pockets complete the classic look!
If you are after an indigo work shirt with an amazing design inspired by traditional Japanese techniques, this is a great choice!

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Studio D'Artisan