Deanist "Wolf" Pins
May 24, 2016

Deanist "Wolf" Pins

Does anyone still remember the collaboration we did with Japan Blue? I bet we all do, the collaboration was called the WOLF project and it featured a Wear Often Live Forever concept. Designed by out local artist Dean Christ, the original work gives a good meaning to quality durable garments: as the more you wear them, the more beautiful they turn into, even they have been totally worn out, you can keep them as trophies and they will live on; on another hand, the bit and pieces of the garments can also be re-used on other ones as patches and live on, good garments never die.

The pins we introduce to you today however is another meaning of the WOLF, The artwork itself means in a silhouette, there's no limit to the elements can be put into the artwork, and hence this time we bring you Metal, Aqua, Earth, Fire and Love. Each of the 5 Elements are represented by 5 unique colour ways. These pins are exclusively made for CoRLection and each one features a laser engraving of "Deanist CoRLing" on the back.

Additionally, we would love to promote for our local artists so if you have your artwork, feel free to show us! Cheers!

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