Warehouse 14.5oz S1001XX (1000XX) 1946 "Deadstock Blue" Denim (Straight Fit)
June 17, 2024

Warehouse 14.5oz S1001XX (1000XX) 1946 "Deadstock Blue" Denim (Straight Fit)

One for the vintage denim lovers!

This denim from Warehouse is inspired by WWII-era Levi's denim, which Warehouse has recreated to be even better! Fresh from the wartime rationing and restrictions on materials, this denim features many unique details of this classic design!

Constructed with Warehouse's specially developed 100% cotton 14.5oz Deadstock Blue denim, this vintage-inspired denim features a unique, irregular vintage texture. The colourway is yarn-dye with grand indigo before weaving.

Speaking of details, this pair features medium olive HBT fabric pocket bags which will age to a soulful look with time. WWII-era doughnut buttons have been used for the fly. The back pockets feature Warehouse's signature 'snake eyes' arcuate design and the iconic 'GENUS' red tab to complete the look!

If you are looking to grab yourself a piece of denim history, Warehouse has got you covered!