UES "Multi-functional" Day Backpack
May 25, 2024

UES "Multi-functional" Day Backpack

Punch above your weight!

UES, purveyor of fine material work in every capacity, brings us their large Day Bag. Perfect for throwing on, beating up, and seeing age with constant use, the UES Day Bag will carry your bits and bobs through thick and thin.

Constructed of their signature 14.9 oz selvage denim in the body, and with a cowhide sole on the base, this bag is tough! This variant is made with UES' signature denim - a trichotine indigo-dyed fabric, giving it a lovely twill pattern. This 14.9oz Denim is slowly woven using vintage shuttle looms to create a unique and irregular texture. With time and wear the indigo thread-dyed fabric will fade to reveal a beautiful sky blue look!

The sole leather is made from extra-tough 'glove' cowhide, that is, a similar grade of leather used to make baseball gloves. Reinforced by having first the denim layer and then the glove leather sole, this bag withstand a lot of impact! This helps to keep the bag stable in shape, giving it a base to sit square upon, while remaining strong throughout the years of use. This leather is made to absorb shock, so it’s perfect for keeping your precious items safe and secure. 

The bag's outer straps feature a plethora of loops, perfect for carabiners or other securing attachments to hold on. There's a deep pocket on side, perfect for a water bottle, and another smaller pocket on the inverse side for smaller things. Of course, there's also the slimline zip pocket on the front, perhaps for a book on the go!

The long copper brass 'Waldes' zipper wraps up and around the bag, featuring an uneven length, perfect for easy access. Internally, the bag has a large protected inner compartment, with a zip pocket for other assorted things. The back internal section of the bag is double-layered, giving the wearer some lovely padding, as well as keeping the gear inside protected. A keen eye will also notice the sealed stitching on the internal seams, something mostly associated with high-end tailoring. UES - perfect, right down to the last!

Finishing touches like the UES patch, internal name tag, and cowhide leather zip toggle pull this together into a charming day bag for all seasons. With its adjustable straps, and pockets of all sizes, this is a bag to get you out the door.

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