"The Last Corl" - The Flat Head Event of 2016!
July 01, 2016

"The Last Corl" - The Flat Head Event of 2016!

A lot of customers that familiars with us have been asking us "What is the collab of this year?". We have to admit it that it is killing us that try to keep this secret till today. And we are honored to announce that we are lucky to invited Mr. Kobayashi and his TFH team to Australia again!
Of course, we will have some super-doper collabs including denims and tees which we will unvile later. Except you can meet and greet the legend TFH team, we also prepare some games you can participate and win the free gifts we prepare for you! We also prepare tons of free beers for the participants as well and all purchases at that night will have extra 5% off !
The event will happen on 23/07/2016 during 6PM-9PM in Corlection Sydney, any TFH fans are welcome this time! If you are interested ,please come to our Sydney store for some further information! Hope to see you guys soon!

The Flat Head