The Flat Head X R.J.B D109FXR Slim Tapered fit (Navy)
January 16, 2017

The Flat Head X R.J.B D109FXR Slim Tapered fit (Navy)

The Flat Head X R.J.B D109FXR "Navy" in stock. D109FXR is a pair of limited edition denims which normally exclusive to their grand stores and handful selected dealers every year . We are happy to bring back again to Australia!

It goes with 14.25oz denim that used to be exclusive for The Flat Head's premium line - R.J.B. The texture of this denim is amazing. It looks like a normal left hand twill from distance, but if you take a closer look, it actually goes with a twisted "broken twill" like texture. You can also feel them a little bit slubby on the surface. This unique fabric will give you an interesting fading that you probably never see before.

Since it is TFH X R.J.B, the denim goes with both brands signature design. The classic TFH back arc are patched with "Navy" color suede. It is a unique kind of washable suede that normally used for prestige sports car like Ferrari. It also goes with R.J.B's classic “Pirate" logo stitched on the left back pocket.

These denims releases in limited quantity, if you dig denim from TFH, this is something you don't wanna miss!

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