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The Flat Head Silver Hook Cuff Natural Tan after 1/2 Year in use

Ageing The Flat Head

Here is a nice example of the how beautifully these silver hook cuffs from The Flat Head age!

This piece has been worn for half a year by our Sydney Staff. The ageing process of these cuffs takes time but this example is already starting to show some really cool characteristics.

The silver hook has oxidised and is starting to gain strong contrast, becoming shinier in the exposed areas and darker in the crevices, also making the ‘TFH’ engraving become more visible. The natural tan leather band has formed a really interesting texture. It is smooth in some places and rough in others, this is due to daily 'wear n tear' such as bumps and scratches.

This cuff can be styled with the silver hook resting on the top of your wrist for the classic ‘Flat Head’ look! Otherwise for a more minimal and subtle style, you can wear the cuff with the silver hook hanging beneath your wrist.

If you like gradual ageing with the beauty of leather and silver in the same piece, then this is definitely for you!

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