The Flat Head “Silver Concho” Long Wallet 3 Years In Use
January 06, 2019

The Flat Head “Silver Concho” Long Wallet 3 Years In Use

The Flat Head “Silver Concho” Long Wallet 3 Years In Use!

With time your soul will become one with the product!

The Flat Head make some of the worlds best artisan leather products! You can see how their hand sewn construction, specialised tanning techniques and silver work make up for a luxury standard, leather product.

Your wallet is companion, when you think about it, you are using it everyday!

The contrast of this ageing cowhide is truly amazing. You can see that the natural tan has darkened to a rich silky brown colour with some super dark areas around the edges of the wallet. The internal lining has also held up perfectly, you can see the durable construction is working perfectly with longterm usage.

The silver concho has really gone on a journey of its own! The original sheen has developed even stronger. The raised surfaces have become much more shiny and the lowered details are dark and have a beautiful contrast to their surroundings.

Apart from the beauty of the ageing, the wallet’s functionality has improved as the cowhide has folded to the shape of the wearer’s pocket and opens and closes with ease.

This specially aged wallet will be part of the owner's collection for life! Wether you’re a collector or just insist on having the best leather gears for yourself, The Flat Head is the best choice for you!

Ageing The Flat Head