The Flat Head Horsehide Waist Bag (Black Teacore)
June 04, 2021

The Flat Head Horsehide Waist Bag (Black Teacore)

For those who are serious about their 'BAG GAME'!

When talking about some of Japan's (and the entire world's...) best leather goods, TFH is a brand you can't ignore. With their specialty craftsman studio 'STOCKBURG' in Japan. They design and craft their products by hand with Japan's finest leathers!

This 1.3mm high-density horsehide is skilfully tanned in Japan, exclusively developed for TFH. This A-grade horsehide is usually only used for high-end leather jackets but of course, TFH utilises this for their top-level products. This features a natural brown core with a black uneven dyed on the surface, with time you'll see an amazing deep black sheen with a brown hue!

Constructed skilfully, the construction uses heavyweight threads and features hand sewing in areas for reinforcement. The double-layered waistband can be adjusted to exact length thanks to the double brass ring design. With a large internal compartment and a secured zip pocket, you can store your daily items safely. The double outer zips are great for getting to your stuff at any time thanks to their smooth movement.

If you're keen to try some of Japan's highest standard leather gears, this a great opportunity. TFH's craftsmanship will last a lifetime and of course, become more personal with time and use!

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The Flat Head