April 06, 2022


ATTENTION! The Flat Head has brought us their recreation of one of the classic staples of heritage military-inspired footwear!

First designed for the higher ranking officers of the U.S Military in the 1940s, the Serviceman shoe was early adopted for use in civilian life due to its sleek, minimal and timeless design! Its popularity has only grown with time and has been worn by everyone from work-wear enthusiasts, to punk subcultures, and even paired with more formal wear!

The Flat Head has recreated this classic footwear design using premium Shinki horsehide leather, with hides chosen from the neck area of the horse. This gives the leather a super-fine grain that is silky smooth to the touch, and has a naturally high sheen! The interior is fully lined using super-soft calfskin leather for added durability and comfort! This black/brown teacore horsehide has been vegetable-tanned, and with time will acquire a soulful patina with lighter shades of brown coming through, as well as a shinier, glossier texture!

The Flat Head has spared no expense when it comes to construction. With their specially developed stitch down technique refined by TFH's best craftsmen, this pair can be easily re-soled in the future! The outsole is a Vibram extra-durable cushion sole, from which can you expect many years of wear!

If you're looking for a pair of military-inspired gentleman shoes, perfect for everyday use, that combines premium horsehide leathers and top-notch Japanese construction, the Flat Head's Serviceman shoes could be a perfect choice!

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The Flat Head