The Flat Head "Full Shell Cordovan" Short Wallet (Black)
August 25, 2016

The Flat Head "Full Shell Cordovan" Short Wallet (Black)

The Flat Head "Full Shell Cordovan" Short Wallet is some best selling wallet in stock and we have just restocked this one in pure black colorway which looks very elegant!

Different from other brands, TFH choose their cordovan extremely careful. They only used the very centre part of horse buttock leather to make sure they are in top grade quality and flawless as well. This kind of cordovan is so called "high density shell cordovan". The sheen of the leather is quite unique, not to mention the supreme durability.

TFH also treated their cordovan with a special vegetable tanning process. Through time, you will see them aged in quite a unique way. We can not define the dye technique since we never see anyone doing similar job as The Flat Head do in the world. So we guess we just call it "The Flat Head Dyeings".

If you are looking for some seriously made full shell cordovan wallet, this may be a great choice!

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The Flat Head