The Flat Head F310 Denims (Narrow Straight fit)
November 29, 2017

The Flat Head F310 Denims (Narrow Straight fit)

Everyone knows TFH are one of the most serious brands in the denim game! Here we have their ’narrow straight  fit’ in their signature14.5oz denim!

TFH’s classic 14.5oz denim is slowly loomed in vintage machines using grand indigo dyed thread with many levels of rich indigo colour. For this denim, TFH use short length, Texas cotton which gives off a super strong vertical fading look with a slightly rough texture which unlike any other brand! With wear the contrast is super strong and the many shades of indigo appear!

Construction wise, TFH have used 50/50 poly cotton stitches to improve durability and strength. With additional  tack stitching and varied thread size, TFH have some seriously made denims. For added ease of use, this modal come with the special zip fly closure and the new 'F' shaped back pockets for your quality wallet!

This F310 is perfect for those who are after a slightly higher, mid rise fit with a roomier hip and thigh. 

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