The Flat Head ‘Double Eagle’ Sukajan Jacket
May 25, 2018

The Flat Head ‘Double Eagle’ Sukajan Jacket

When it comes to the high end Sukajans, we can safely say TFH make the best we’ve ever seen!

Inspired by the king of all animals, the “Double Eagle" design is a symbol of courage and strength!

From the insanely detailed embroidery to the specially developed fabrics, this is for those who want the best! A combination of rayon satin and cotton fibres have been used to create a super smooth and comfortable outer shell. These fabrics are much smoother than silk and not to mention, much more durable!

The embroided detailing is another example of how TFH are kings of the Sukajan! Each detail is built up using a completely hand driven machine, similar to a tattoo gun!  This is the only way to achieve such high detailed shades of colour and three-dimentional depth!

With a reverse side featuring the classic TFH ‘CUSTOM ENGINES’ design with just as much detail, this is a versatile piece for all  cool seasons! The hand embroided lettering and ultrasuede detailing make up for a more minimal style.

If you’re looking to grab yourself a masterpiece jacket, this is the one!

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The Flat Head