The Flat Head Deerskin Western Shirted Jacket
August 06, 2016

The Flat Head Deerskin Western Shirted Jacket

This is the special Flat Head Western Deerskin Shirt!! Once again The Flat Head are taking their leather products to the next level.

The Flat Head is the first brand to develop their own deerskin to be colour stable when exposed to sunlight. This is unlike any other deerskin as TFH have developed it specially with the Shinki tannery in Japan. Also TFH is the first brand to collaborate with a tannery, therefore they are able to truly create next level products through their development.

Over 100 years ago the Japanese would use deerskin hides to clean their swords due to its super smooth and soft properties. Creating one of these deerskin shirts is a very difficult and expensive process. Firstly only 1 in 100 deerskin hides are able to be used for TFH’s shirts and jackets. Finding grade A deerskin hides is quite rare!! The Shinki tannery specially tan the deerskin for 3 months and only for TFH. The grade A deerskin that TFH use is much better than sheepskin! This deerskin is very popular in Japan because of its luxury comfort and beautiful ageing results. After use the deerskin will develop a deep black sheen and become more shiny.

Japan’s best leather craftsmen in TFH’s StockBurg factory construct these Western Deerskin Shirts. Key parts of the shirt are hand sewn, making the shirt extremely strong and able to maintain its original shape throughout its life. The lining of the shirt is made of a silky textured rayon fabric which is extremely smooth and comfortable.

If you are looking for the best of the best then The Flat Head’s Western Deerskin shirt is for you! To truly experience the craftsmanship and luxury comfort you must see one in person.

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