The Flat Head 7oz Loopwheeled '22SS Version Plain Tee
February 23, 2022

The Flat Head 7oz Loopwheeled '22SS Version Plain Tee

The ever-evolving TFH tees are back, this latest version yet again pushing things up to the next level!  

TFH aim to create some of the finest dense loopwheel tees, but with supreme durability. 

This specially developed loopwheel fabric has a soft texture but with a substantial thickness. With time, the softness will become enhanced. Thanks to their weaving method, these are dense and will maintain their shape perfectly with use... no more worrying about "how long will this last?"

The triple-needle construction around the collar is famous in the industry and TFH helped set the benchmark for what we call true 'MADE IN JAPAN'.

For this version, we’ve made the vertical length 1 inch longer than the standard series to make up for a modern fit.

If you are after a slim & comfortable loopwheeled tee, this is it!

Coming to you now in four different colourways: 

Grab White here

Grab Navy here

Grab Dark Sakura here

Grab Black here


The Flat Head