The Flat Head 12 oz ‘Western’ denim shirt after 3 years in use
October 01, 2017

The Flat Head 12 oz ‘Western’ denim shirt after 3 years in use

This particular shirt has been worn 1 day per week, 6 months per year for 3 years! As you can see the ageing from TFH is seriously beautiful! This is the perfect example for those who ask us “What’s the difference between the entry level and high end denim products you offer?”.



The answer is.. texture, It’s all about the texture! This is one of the most difficult characteristics of making quality denim products which takes years to develop. This is why some of the higher end brands cost almost double that of the entry level ones. The denim texture is as important as their own logo!!


When looking at this shirt you can see the super strong vertical texture that has appeared due to long time use. For those who know, you can tell straight away that this is from THE FLAT HEAD! The dyeing and weaving method for this denim is significantly more complicated than other brands which also means it takes much longer to age. Even after long time usage, the strong vintage appearance still has plenty of character yet to appear. Across both entry level and high end brands, the standard of construction is already at a very high, Japanese artisan level! But, from the roping effect on the hem to the copper base appearing through the silver coated snaps, these details have taken decades to master by TFH and years of use for the owner to fully appreciate!


When it comes to quality Japanese products, we stock the best in the world! Check out our stores and see for yourself!


Ageing The Flat Head