Studio D'Artisan 13oz Kakishibu Dyed "Ajiro Denim" Workshirt
November 18, 2023

Studio D'Artisan 13oz Kakishibu Dyed "Ajiro Denim" Workshirt

Inspired by the Japanese traditional "Ajiro Kinomo pattern", SDA does re-create its new denim collection to a more unique look! From the traditional Japanese manner, "Ajiro Kimono" is so precious that you can feel its unique texture from the touch and you can pass it to the next generation as the heritage.

This 13oz selvage "Ajiro Denim" is slowly woven through the vintage denim machine which comes with a beautiful uneven 'roping check' pattern. The dark blue colour is grand indigo thread-dyed and the dark brown is Kakishibu thread-dyed (traditional Japanese persimmon dyeing technique), with wear and wash, you will expect it to age to a high-contrasted and also very soulful look!

Looking for a unique texture denim work shirt? This is an ideal choice!

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Studio D'Artisan