Stevenson Overall Company 310 ‘Dixon’ jeans after 6 months of use
July 09, 2017

Stevenson Overall Company 310 ‘Dixon’ jeans after 6 months of use

Here we have some very beautifully aged denims to share with you all!

We are always impressed by our customers showing us their aged gear, this interesting pair comes from the 'WORLD WIDE FADER' Tannawat!

The 310 ‘Dixon’ jeans from Stevenson Overall Company are very unique as you can see. The denim fabric itself as been slowly created with vintage machinery using Genuine indigo dyed American pima cotton. This allows the ageing to achieve a high contrast look with a soft uneven texture. Compared to the SOC 717 denim which ages to a vintage turquoise look, the 310 denim ages to a much sharper, light indigo tone with very strong contrast.

Looking at the front side, you can see the beautiful, sharp whisker fade marks. You can also see the many levels of genuine dyed indigo shining through the edge of the fly opening! On the back side, you can see seat has aged very soulfully! The various shades and highlights around the pocket edges really give this pair some interesting character. The deerskin patch is coming along nicely as well, the rich surface has become very shiny and is now buttery soft to the touch.

From the lightning strike fades around the cinch back to the strong tones around the knees, you can see that this special denim from SOC ages in a very unique fashion! This pair still have plenty of life left, they will continue to gain more and more beautiful character with wear. We will update you as they continue to evolve!!


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