September 09, 2020


Here we have another book from Samurai’s limited edition denim series…

“AIR", the giver and taker of life.

The concept of ‘Air' denims is inspired by the Master swordsman Musashi, Famous for the book series 'The Book Of Five Rings'. This is the Japanese version of 'Art Of War'. Based on the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Air. The Air element is powerful and when all elements combine it results in the void, complete nothingness, and also everything at the same time, just ‘air’...

This limited edition denim is made up of Samurai’s own deep grand indigo dyed warp and an ‘air’ dark grey weft which makes up for a unique, high contrast fade with time. With wear and wash, the vertical texture will become more and more obvious, revealing the ‘AIR’ within…

The high contrast orange tab design is reseved only for Samurai’s limited edition denims and features their hidden upside down ‘A’. For those with keen eye, check the fly buttons and you can see the 5 elements represented with an amazing oxidised metal finishing technique with will only get more character with time.

The full-graindeerskin patch is soft to the touch and has been skillfully debossed and printed to withhold a spiralling AIR design with many hidden details.

For this pair, Samurai modified their silver fleck selvage with gold to make up for a more luxurious & noble ‘SELVAGE BLADE’.

For those who want to choose those seriously special pair of denims, this is for you! Enjoy the ‘AIR' with time!

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