Samurai S511BTX Denims (Slim Tapered fit)
March 26, 2018

Samurai S511BTX Denims (Slim Tapered fit)

This concept comes from the great samurai generals of Japan, this is a unique pair you’ll regret to miss!

The samurai generals were the only to wear large decorated war helmets. They featured large horns taken from the earth animal, water buffalo. 

Inspired by the link between earth and the general hemlets, the top side of the fabric is made with inky indigo dyed thread and the reverse side is dyed using dark brown persimmons fruit, found in the water buffalo’s habitat. 

With time the Inky indigo dyed thread will age with white strikes looking just like snow! As for the persimmons brown side, a super strong vertical texture will appear and you’ll see many beautiful shades of purple, brown and white come through!

Each and every detail tells a story... the ‘fresh blood’ coloured selvage ID and belt loop stitching come from the sights seen in battle. 

 The mid-high rise, tapered fit makes for a modern fit! Grab yours while you can!

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