Samurai ‘Osaka Tiger’ Loopwheeled Tee
November 02, 2017

Samurai ‘Osaka Tiger’ Loopwheeled Tee

Here we have another iconic graphic tee from Samurai! From the high density stitching to the mid weight loopwheel fabric, when it comes to Samurai they make some seriously detailed tees!

The front and back sides feature Samurai's iconic ‘Temple’ arches and ‘Osaka’ tiger designs! Each detail of the print is carefully applied to the fabric layer by layer. If you look closely you can see how perfect each details are, this is some serious precision!

As for the loopwheel fabric itself, Samurai use vintage machines to slowly create the thick fabric, making the texture smooth to the touch! Construction wise, the flat seamed hems and triple stitched collar allow for added durability and not to mention long time comfort!

Cut the bullshit, join the Samurai club! We guarantee you will be impressed!

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