Samurai Jeans ‘City of Water’ Corduroy Jacket
October 04, 2018

Samurai Jeans ‘City of Water’ Corduroy Jacket

Comfy but cultured! This is a great choice for those fans of the past!

Made from mud dyed corduroy, the outer shell has a light sheen and a rich deep mud colour. With time, the fabric will age to a soft, soulful, light brown!

With vintage machine embroidery on the backside, this one has a retro, souvenir jacket vibe. Great for those who like a ‘cultured-casual’ look! The embroided motif refers to the historical culture of the Osaka city. Back in the day, daily transportation was done so via boats throughout the citie's rivers and canals.

With chest pockets and an adjustable collar, you can stay cosy and comfy! The back side also features waistband adjusters to make for a perfect fit, every wear.

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