Samurai 17oz Selvage Denim Worker's Vest (Black)
April 08, 2024

Samurai 17oz Selvage Denim Worker's Vest (Black)

Inspired by the early 20s Brown's Beach worker's vest, Samurai has refined it to a 17oz denim version!

This vest is constructed with Samurai's specially developed 17oz black denim which has been slowly woven on vintage machines to produce an amazing irregular texture! The weft and warp are both black sulphur yarn-dyed, with wear and wash, they will age to a high contrast 'Black & White' look!

Construction-wise, this worker's vest comes with a serious binding construction and slightly longer body length if you compare it to the vintage version.

If you are looking for an 'All-Season' denim vest to age along with, this is a great choice!