Pure Blue Japan XX-18oz-019/013-IDBK Denim
April 25, 2022

Pure Blue Japan XX-18oz-019/013-IDBK Denim

PBJ is about to take your denim evolution to another level!

When it comes to denim we always appreciate the classic look of grand indigo dyed warp and natural cotton weft. This time, PBJ has shown us again how they can build open a classic and introduce some amazing new shades of indigo with time!

Of course, this is a specially developed denim from PBJ. It's a 18oz denim so by default you'll be getting some incredible high contrast, SLOW fades with use. The warp is thread dyed with grand indigo and the weft is black thread sulphur dyed. In brand new condition, the denim looks more like a pair of black denim and being with wear and wash, you will expect some bright hues of indigo coming up little by little.

Constructed using vintage machines, PBJ heavyweight cotton threads to re-enforced and finish all seams. The rear leather patch is made from deerskin and will gradually gain patina with wear. To match up, a tonal PBJ leaf logo has been embroidered, and the rivets and buttons are also black coated and will reveal more highlights with use.

This fit is perfect for those who like a comfortable waist & thigh with a higher rise. The leg openings are also tastefully tapered for a modern look.

If you have been waiting to try some of the most special series from PBJ, this is the time.

Grab the 019 relaxed tapered fit here

Or, grab the 013 slim tapered fit here


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