Pure Blue Japan KS-013-WID jeans 6 months in use
September 10, 2017

Pure Blue Japan KS-013-WID jeans 6 months in use

When you wear your PBJ jeans you will get to experience the PBJ magic! We call this ‘Indigo-inception’!

The irregular weft in this fabric really does amaze us, look at them rain drops! The texture is so beautiful, the various alternating tones of light & dark indigo make up for a crazy vertical appearance!

Worn for 6 months and washed 4 times by one of our valued Melbourne customers, you can see the front whiskers and honey comb stacks coming through strong! This is thanks to the crazy contrast of light and dark toned indigo threads! We think that the black coated hardware balance out the many shades of indigo perfectly! But we ain’t finished yet, this pair still have plenty of life left in them and will only become better with time!

When we talk about the beauty of ageing, there aint no other like the pair you wear, these characteristics make em one of a kind. It's time to create your own PBJ magic!!

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