Pure Blue Japan KS-013  Irregular Indigo (Rainfall)
February 14, 2017

Pure Blue Japan KS-013 Irregular Indigo (Rainfall)

This is the latest version of the 013 fit, this time using their new exclusive Irregular Indigo denim fabric!
The Irregular Indigo fabric is quite different to the classic 013 14.5oz version, it is not as slubby and weighs in slightly heaver at 16.05z. If you look closely at the vertical threads you can see the variation of the indigo dye colour! This means the ageing affect will be vertically stronger and have a beautiful indigo rainfall effect. This kind of appearance was only possible by using natural dyed denim but PBJ has brought this fabric to life using indigo dyed denim.
Most of the time naturally dyed denim ages quite slowly and has little contrast, but this Irregular Indigo fabric is quite different! It is indigo dyed and will age quicker and with much more contrast, this is some real Pure Blue Japan indigo dye magic!!
The 013 fit is one of our most popular slim tapered fits! Why not give the 'PBJ Rainfall Magic’ a try, we guarantee you will be amazed by the ageing!

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