Pure Blue Japan "BORO Style" Shirt
September 29, 2016

Pure Blue Japan "BORO Style" Shirt

Pure Blue Japan "Boro Style" Shirt is in stock! Again, Pure Blue Japan bring in something truely amazing on the table. As you might know, "Boro" is a traditional style from Japan. In simple words, it is some crazy patchwork like fabric that used to be worn by Japanese farmers. It is the "roots" of the Japanese workwear. So after years of researching and developing, Pure Blue Japan come up with this amazing "Boro" like fabric that is actually a jaquard knitting. You will find a lot different patterns including: pique, herringbone, check…seamless knitted together.

The real "Boro" garments looks beautiful but you might find them hard to match with other clothes because of the "naughty" crazy patchwork. With Pure Blue Japan's ultra deep indigo dye process, the crazy patchworks look "semi-hidden" . Through time, the texture will come out little by little and since it is not a patchwork, it definitely looks much more naturally compare with the real "Boro".

It may sell out real quick in sizes, come to feel it if you are interested!

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