Pure Blue Japan 6.5oz "Signature" Indigo Dyed Tee
November 30, 2023

Pure Blue Japan 6.5oz "Signature" Indigo Dyed Tee

corlPure Blue Japan to dye for! 

A staple signature part of the PBJ line is their ever-evolving range of indigo-dyed tees, and this year's set is no exception. Some of the richest indigo garments you could get your blue hands on! 

Made in a weighty 6.5oz knitting fabric out of 100% cotton, these tees sit easily on the body being both super comfy and flattering. Woven on vintage weaving machines, the surface texture is incredibly soft, being slowly woven in small batches. This care in construction can be seen across the whole garment, with a sturdy ribbed collar band and the delicate indigo leaf embroidery PBJ logo.

Of course this immaculate construction in all in service to the truly stunning indigo dye work on display. PBJ flexes their indigo expertise with every subtle shade! Yarn-dyed, meaning the colour is deeply pressed into the weave, the shirt will fade and contrast with wear, and over time create an astonishing tapestry of colour. 

Grab here in Black X Indigo 
Grab here in Genuine Indigo 
Grab here in Grand Indigo 
Grab here in Greencast Indigo 
Grab here in Icy Indigo 
Grab here in Natural (Aizome) Indigo 
Pure Blue Japan