Pure Blue Japan 16oz WSB-013 "Double Slub" Denim
December 13, 2023

Pure Blue Japan 16oz WSB-013 "Double Slub" Denim

Welcome to the textured universe!

We are excited to introduce a new ultra-slubby denim creation cooked up by PBJ and founder and leader -- Iwaya-san!

This newly developed 16oz blue selvedge I.D. denim is constructed using indigo thread-dyed irregular yarns that have been slowly woven using vintage machines. This results in an ultra-slubby denim with a three-dimensional texture. With wear and washing, you can expect to see some beautiful high-contrast indigo hues coming through with a strong vertical texture!

This denim features heavy-duty chain stitching, hidden back pocket rivets and roped belt loop construction for added durability! The high-density veg-tanned lambskin patch will gradually soften and become shinier with a darker patina!

If you're keen to try some of the best vertical slub denim, this "Double Slub" series from PBJ is a great choice!

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