Momotaro X CORLECTION "Kill ‘Em All” 15oz Black Denims
November 28, 2018

Momotaro X CORLECTION "Kill ‘Em All” 15oz Black Denims

Special edition, all black everything, kill em all!

In old Hong Kong traditions, high rollers yell ‘Kill em all!’ (大殺四方) before they hit the casinos and win big! And of course, black is the winner's choice.

Made from a black indigo sulphur dyed warp and weft, this 15oz denim has a never ending dark black appearance. The surface is also much smoother than standard Zimbabwe cotton.

Most black denims out there age to a dull grey. These will age to beautiful white creased look with high contrast. For added depth, the overdyed copper rivets will eventually shine with a bright peach colour.

Looking closely, you can see our engraved leather tag featuring the Momotaro X Corlection flag. With black sulphur dyed HBT pocket bags and black coated buttons, these are your lucky choice!

Wether you’re a high roller or not, who doesn't want to be a winner?!


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