Momotaro "Warrior" Denim Pocket GTB Tee
November 10, 2020

Momotaro "Warrior" Denim Pocket GTB Tee

Momo a.k.a Peach Warrior is here!

Taking inspiration from the Japanese folklore stories, the Peach Warrior character is one of the greatest warriors who dare to attempt to take down the Oni. The Oni Demon is the arch-nemesis of Peach Warrior and is why we say he’s always ‘GOING TO BATTLE’!

This one features a 5oz vintage machine woven denim with genuine indigo-dyed threads! Skilfully printed on top is the legendary character Momotaro! With time you’ll see some amazing fades!

Made up of 7oz tubular fabric, these have a super soft texture and will only get better with each wear.

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