Momotaro 12oz GTB Denim Parka
March 28, 2019

Momotaro 12oz GTB Denim Parka

Say No Mo’, let’s turn 'Denim Work Wear' into 'Denim Sports Goods'!

Specially designed for comfort and easy movement, this one comes with a high zip neck and three dimensional hood to keep you cosy. The two way zips are great for adjusting the fit throughout the day.

Inspired by sweatshirt hoodies and hooded sports wear jackets, this creation from Momotaro is a example of their famously creative garments! This is their new standard.

With time, the GTB stripes will age to a speckled look, contrasting nicely against the soft faded denim.

If you’re interested in quality gears for a comfortable life, this is for you.

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