Inception by Accel Co. Horsebutt "Funky" Shoulder Bag
March 12, 2023

Inception by Accel Co. Horsebutt "Funky" Shoulder Bag

Store your daily gear with some of the finest Japanese horsehide products from Accel company!

Inception by Accel company has produced the perfect shoulder bag for your daily needs. This bag has been constructed using premium European horsehide leather chosen from the rear part of the horse. This has been vegetable tanned and finished in Japan to produce a supple, yet highly textured leather unlike any we have seen! Compared with the smoothness of cowhide, horsehide features an incredible natural grain with slight imperfections such as wrinkles and scars, adding to the natural vintage charm of the piece!

The high-density horsehide has been unevenly dyed, which means that the outside and internal surfaces are coated with rich black dye, leaving the inner core with its natural, light brown colour. With time, the internal core will slowly reveal itself, aging to a unique dark black look!

Speaking of construction, this bag features heavy-duty brass buckles and hardware, as well as heavyweight canvas lining on the interiors for added durability!

The adjustable shoulder strap enables you to get the perfect fit. For storage space, this bag features a main compartment secured with a double zip, one small internal pouch and an external pouch secured with a snap button!

If you are looking for a LIFETIME horsehide shoulder bag with premium materials, killer design and next-level construction, this Inception bag could be a perfect choice!

We have Black Tea-core and Brown Tea-core!