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Full Count X Corlection 2110 ‘Blue Mountain’ Limited Edition Denims 5 months in use

Ageing Full Count

Earlier this year we introduced our limited edition collaboration denims with Full Count, a concept inspired by the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia. This is what discovering the ‘Indigo view’ looks like!

This pair have been worn 5 days per week for 5 months and have been machine washed 4 times! The 14.25OZ un-even, broken twill denim fabric has become seriously soft and is now showing the many shades of bright, vivid indigo! Even the internal pocket bags are showing some interesting character!

On the front side, the cat’s whiskers have a very unique, soft appearance, just like the horizon of the rugged Blue Mountains! Thanks to the broken twill weaving process, the outer fly piece and front pocket openings have a strong contrast with plenty of texture from the soft Zimbabwe cotton. You can also see the soft train track pattern appearing on the thigh area, quite a subtle yet detailed look!!

Now to the back! The seat is showing some strong vertical fading with a soft gradual change from light to dark! The pocket edges show some nice, vintage style highlights as well! For those who like soft honey combs, here’s one for you! The back leg has a nice contrast between vertical and horizontal texture!

Even after 5 months of wear the character of the denim is super prominent! We invite you to discover the ‘Indigo view’ for yourself!

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