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Freewheelers “Wigwam” Tweed Racer Jacket


As winter going deeper, we gonna have more cool winter jackets. Here is the Freewheelers "Wigwam", a jacket that inspired from a old school racer jacket during period of 1920s-1930s. The 20s racer jacket style is so iconic that you can definitely see the it influence the later flight jacket style like A1 or A2. The "Wigwam" goes with double front pockets and a hidden chest pocket to fulfil your daily utility function needs. The collar is in a "convertible" style which you can choose either to button up to the top or leave it with a small lapel.  Freewheeler's choose a 100% wool ombre check tweets for the shell. The tweets are carefully knit from a vintage loom in a burgundy x black color, and it keeps you warm and dry at the same time. A Freewheeler's signature moleskin fabric has been put as the lining. The texture is so amazing that it feels like a second skin and also aged a little bit through the using. We ain't gonna address too much about how amazing are the Freewheelers garments just because they are simply the best of the best. I mean if you hunting on some "rugged gentleman" style jacket and you simply only want the best of the best, you probably don't want to miss this out.

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