Freewheelers ‘Sedro’ Dobby Stripe Shirt
November 14, 2017

Freewheelers ‘Sedro’ Dobby Stripe Shirt

When you see ‘Deadstock’ Freewheeler’s you know the devil is really in the details! This is a great option for your modern vintage, summer season fit!

Inspired by traditionally tailored shirts of the 1800s, from the sloping twin chest pockets, two piece front and back design to the union special air holes, this is some seriously intricate constriction! Matched up with the pure mother of pearl buttons, this is seriously dope shirt.

Created using vintage machines, the fabric is made of a mixture of super soft cotton and linen. This specially developed fabric by Freewheelers uses three separately dyed threads, the triple tone fabric will age to a cool vintage look with time! 

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