Freewheelers "Mcbain" Chinos
August 11, 2017

Freewheelers "Mcbain" Chinos

We always try to bring in more cool non-denim garments. The "Mcbain" is a classic chinos style from Freewheelers. The whole idea is to reproduce an 1920s early style chino and also enhance it with modern fitting and utilities.

Using a 100% chino fabric that custom made for Freewheelers. The fabric is in a 1920s vintage chinos style, soft and smooth but tough as well. The fabric has been once washed and the color appears in a vintage khaki way. 

The most interesting part is the construction. It is some craziest we ever seen! The chino has been constructed with so many different patterns with some wildest stitchings. Freewheelers take inspirations from the early age outdoor pants and mining pants, mixing them together. You will see the deep patch on front pockets of bush pants, cinch back with single back pocket of miner pants together. Freewheelers double layered the pants from knee above, so it is still great to wear in the winter. Also, if you wear out the knee part, there is still one layer underneath and you don't have to do patch them. 

"Mcbain" is in a high tapered fit with a mid rise, roomy thigh part and a narrow leg opening. Either you want to rock with boots or sneakers or you want to wear them in a "over-sized" style as our model did, they are always some best choice! Trust me, this is something made for the true players!

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