Freewheelers "Love It Up" Loopwheeled Tee
October 05, 2022

Freewheelers "Love It Up" Loopwheeled Tee

All you need is love!

Each season Freewheelers brings us some amazing graphic tees that combine homages to vintage Americana, traditional Japanese motifs and irreverent humour!

This tee from the 'Motor Psyclone' range features a cheeky skeleton biker graphic inspired by the "live fast die young" spirit of the Californian motorcycle cultures in the 1950s and 60s.

The subtly irregular cotton fabric has been slowly woven using vintage knitting machines to give it that authentic vintage vibe and texture! The detailed graphics have been carefully screen printed by skilled Japanese craftsmen and will age to a soulful look with time!

If you are looking for a quality, textured tee with bold, vintage-inspired graphics, Freewheelers could be a perfect choice!

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