Freewheelers "Barlow" 8-Inch Heather Boot Socks
October 03, 2023

Freewheelers "Barlow" 8-Inch Heather Boot Socks

Trek the farthest reaches of the globe with ULTIMA THULE ultimate boot socks!

Freewheelers' Barlow boot socks have been a bestselling item since their release on the Ultima Thule sub-label which takes inspiration from the functionality and comfort of modern tactical wear.

These knitted pile fabric socks are constructed with a 60% cotton, 40% Cordura nylon blend that combines cashmere-like comfort with durability for long-term use. The colourways are thread-dyed before being slowly woven on vintage knitting machines to produce the final pattern. These socks feature a thicker underside for extra comfort, with a slightly thinner topside to reduce stiffness and enhance functionality.

If you are looking for some of the best boot socks in the game, you can't ignore Freewheelers!

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