Freewheelers 14oz S506XX WWII Denim Jacket (1944 ~ 45 Version)
August 31, 2022

Freewheelers 14oz S506XX WWII Denim Jacket (1944 ~ 45 Version)

The coveted WWII denim jacket we've all been waiting for is here!

For those who love the intricate details of denim jackets, the WWII versions are the ultimate. This version is inspired by the 1945 Levi's WWII denim jackets with a myriad of unique details.

This 14oz denim is vintage indigo dyed and slowly woven using vintage machines. The strong vertical texture features exaggerated white dots from the natural un-dyed weft cotton fibres. With time you can expect to see some soft contrasted fading and even stronger vertical texture appear. FW make some of the most amazing vintage LEVIs-inspired denim texture, we feel they have even more spirit than New-Old-Stock!

The iconic WWII chest pocket with no flap features a skilfully irregular construction that gives off an authentic vintage atmosphere. Looking closely you can see how particular FW are with the curves and over stitching to replicate the beauty of the imperfection of WWII Levi's denim jacket. With the classic doughnut iron buttons and red tab, FW has created a new vision for what a WWII denim jacket could be! The cinch back features a contrasting metal, two-prong design.

If you have been seeking the ultimate WWII denim jacket, we guarantee you will have that itch satisfied!

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