First Arrow’s Large Quarter 18k Gold Feather Pendant (P-474)
October 27, 2017

First Arrow’s Large Quarter 18k Gold Feather Pendant (P-474)

First Arrow’s feather design is a luxury classic, but they have really taken it one step forward! For those who want to push their silver game to the next level, this is a major piece!

The feather itself is a symbol of freedom and courage, FA draw inspiration from native American culture. The beautiful contrast between 950 silver and 18k gold is an iconic mark of the luxury craftsmanship from FA.

Unlike any other brand, FA create the feather's tip with solid, 18k gold! The craftsman then seamlessly attach the tip to the pendant, this is one of the most difficult techniques and requires the highest level of skill! Each piece is crafted entirely by hand in FA’s artisan studio. The 950 silver created by FA is much denser and purer than standard 925 silver. With use, the pendant will age to a dark mahogany look, making the details appear even stronger and gain a beautiful ‘Yin-Yang’ contrast against the 18k gold.

If you want a serious necklace set, this could be the one to take you to the next level!

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