Blue Blue Japan Indigo Dyed Nylon Windbreaker
May 08, 2019

Blue Blue Japan Indigo Dyed Nylon Windbreaker

Climb it up in your Blue Blue Japan!

Reminding us of retro garments this is an amazing one with concepts from the past and present!

Using a lightweight, natural indigo dyed nylon outer shell, the jacket has an subtle un-even indigo look. The structured pocket designs are functional and leave you with plenty of flexibility.

The specially designed collar flaps and elasticised openings will stop the wind from creeping in! This is a great choice for those who want to do outdoor activities in the cool weather.

Using a lightweight, woven netting fabric, the internal compartments and lining are durable and don't get in the way of comfort.

To the men of the outdoors, this is for you!

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Blue Blue Japan