Momotaro 0305-VSP (Super Slim Tapered fit)
March 12, 2016

Momotaro 0305-VSP (Super Slim Tapered fit)

We always try to do something different even with our standard items. This is a small project that we work with Momotaro company for a while, and the jeans are kind of exclusive for our store.

The jeans are made with the classic 15.7oz peach color selvage denim fabric from Momotaro's famous vintage label. Some of you guys might notice that all the Momotaro denim with their signature "Going to Battle" double stripes are once washed. We have been asked by a lot of customers if we can get the raw version. Since Momotaro company never produce that, we thought we can work with them to do a special release. This is how it comes out. 0305-VSP will give those who like the raw denim texture and give them the freedom to control sizing through washings. Also, the "GTB" stripes on the back are hand panted and will be aged gradually as well as the denim throughout wearing.

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