Pure Blue Japan Indigo Double Gauzed Check Shirt 2.5 Years In Use
March 07, 2016

Pure Blue Japan Indigo Double Gauzed Check Shirt 2.5 Years In Use

In Japan, almost everything have got detailed includes fashion garments that you already know. Let me make an example of shirtings, for most of Japanese, they are very familiar with the words like Early Summer Shirts,Summer Shirts,Autumn Shirts and Winter Shirts etc.

They vary different weights, textures and constructions of fabrics to make a perfect shirt for specific weather and season (of course they also have detailed the styles for different occasions) which really amaze me ...

Today, I would like to introduce you the PBJ Indigo Double Gauzed Check Shirt which I have been wearing 2.5 years (2 days per week; 8 Months per year).It is still my favourite shirt because of the very light weight and silky texture that I can always wear it in Australian warm seasons.This shirt is made with two different kinds of super light weight gauzes.One is indigo dyed check gauze and the other is some silver gray over dyed gauze. The material of gauze has been used as lightest cloth for repairs over 100 years in Japan, the texture is similar as some silks that is always skin-friendly. The whole shirt has a similar weight as a 7oz T-Shirt so I don't feel any stress even I wear them in some summer time.

Due to the softness,Iwaya San told me that it was very hard to finish the sewing processes.The skilled craftsmen need to slow down the process with many patiences so the cost actually would not be cheaper than making some heavy shirting wears or maybe even more expensive...Throughout 2.5 years in use, I am more into the magical constructions and how the indigo ages. I have worn out somewhere in the collar due to the lightweight fabric but I did not see any part falls apart.This is Something About Craftsmanship as I think!

It belongs to some old PBJ collections,it is hardly to see PBJ continue to produce some signature Double Gauze Shirts these days anymore, I guess it is much easier to sell some heavy shirting wears with stiffness compares with Double Gauzed Shirts.However,I do really hope PBJ will re-produce some kinds of Double Gauzed Shirts which are really made for Quality Fashion.



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